5 Maintenance Tips On How To Make Your Silk Press Last

You just received a gorgeous silk press and now your wondering, “How long can I keep my hair looking this silky and bouncy?”

If your hair was properly cleansed, moisturized, and straightened during the styling process– a silk press should last between 7-10 days.  But you’ll also have to put in a little work to keep it looking fab!

Here’s 5 Maintenance Tips On How To Make Your Silk Press Last:

Maintenance Tip #1: Wrap It Up

When you’re not in a setting that calls for your hair to be free-flowing…KEEP YOUR STRANDS WRAPPED morning, day, and night to prolong the life of your silk press.

Securing your hair underneath a silk scarf, satin wrap, or in protective doobie wrap not only creates movement memory so that your hair falls beautifully every time you let it down, but keeping it wrapped shields your mane from environmental factors like wind, humidity, or harsh weather which could ruin the body and shine of your silk press.

Not quite sure how to wrap your hair…Watch this easy tutorial of Award Winning Stylist, Crystal Nwokia, demonstrating the task.

Maintenance Tip #2: Avoid Thermal Tools Or Keep Heat Settings On Low

Resist the urge to use thermal tools to maintain the life of your silk press. As you probably know, using heat on your hair daily (especially if the temperature is too high) will only leave your hair looking fried and frazzled – and that’s not the look we’re going for.

Instead, pin-curl your hair at night to maintain the body and beauty of your curls without the use of heat.

Simply take each curl and pin-curl the section with a hair pin or prong-clip.  Repeat until the entire head is complete and secure with a bonnet.

In the morning, remove all pin-curls.  Finger-style or brush curls into desired style.

If you absolutely insist on using a heating tool to refresh your curl pattern, be sure to use a heat-protectant and keep heat below 325 degrees.