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For significant color protection & hydration, this gentle cleanser is designed to address the needs of thick, curly or dry color-treated hair. Excellent Hair Extension cleanser, this highly functional shampoo gently removes dirt and residue from hair while adding moisture & shine. Protects and preserves salon color. Packed with luxurious amounts of emollients & humectants replenishing the appearance of healthy hair. Rich in Vitamins & Minerals that smooths hair and lock in shine.

Hydrate Shampoo 8oz

  •         •       pH Level 6.00 – 6.50
            •       Free-From Alcohols,  Parabens & Sulfates
            •       Protects & Preserves Salon Color
            •       Adds Moisture & Shine
            •       Rinses Clean
            •       Restores the Glory of Hair Extensions
            •       Contains CBD, Marula, Moringa, Sugar Cane
            •       Vegan Formula



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